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Western riding at the Birkenhof


Western riding at the Birkenhof will no longer be offered from November 2022: The Wild West in the Luneburg Heath? Yes, because at our Birkenhof, right next to the Campingpark Südheide, you and your children can gain some cowboy experiences! Swing yourself into a comfortable western saddle and try western riding on good horses and ponies. Whether it is guided pony riding under professional instruction in our riding lessons or a field trip through the southern heath for advanced riders: riding is fun for rider and horse.


Our trainer Connie attaches great importance to fair dealing with the horses and harmony between horse and rider. In addition to riding, you can also learn to understand the language of horses and to communicate with the animals through body language – so you become a true horseman.

For horse-loving children and those who want to become one, we will be offering "Pony Time" from 2022. In addition to petting and cuddling ponies, children will also learn how to properly clean a horse and can help with stable work.

Overview of our riding offer

Pony riding in our birch wood
Guided pony riding for children from 2-12 years
9 €
Pony time - grooming, cuddling, helping in the stable
A great time with the ponies for children (4-12 years)
12 €
Riding lesson for children in a group, about 30 min.
In the riding hall, max. 4 children (4-12 years)
25 €
Pony riding for children (parents lead ponies), 40 min.
Guided pony riding, max. 4 children (4-12 years)
25 €
Private lesson for children, about 30 min.
Individual lesson for children (4-12 years)
45 €
Riding lessons for adults in a group, about 45 min.
In the riding hall, max. 4 riders from 13 years
30 €
Horsemanship and flatwork, about 60 min.
Learn the horse language! Max. 5 persons from 12 years
30 €
Horse riding through the South Heath, about 90 min.
For advanced riders: Explore forest/heath on horseback *
55 €

Please book your dates in advance by clicking the button "Book online now". If no dates are shown in your holiday period, please ask for availability by e-mail at or by WhatsApp/SMS under phone number: 0152-23856104. Please understand that we cannot offer you spontaneous riding lessons at any time. Many thanks.

Please take note of the following guidelines:


Meeting point: Via the campsite you will reach the gate of the Birkenhof, where a large meeting point sign hangs. Please wait there at the booked time for the riding instructor. It is not necessary to come earlier. It is not allowed to enter the Birkenhof grounds without supervision.


Clothing: Please wear long, comfortable trousers and sturdy shoes for riding. You can bring your own riding helmet or rent it from us. Please think of adequate mosquito repellent.


Riding Level: How well can you ride? Please choose during your online booking:

  • Horse Newbie = So far I have little or no experience with horses.

  • Beginner = I have had a few riding lessons and can steer a horse independently at least at walk.

  • Advanced = I am safe in the saddle and can ride a horse independently in walking, trotting and galloping.


Liability: Staying at the Birkenhof, dealing with the horses and riding is at your own risk. No liability is assumed by the owner, operator or riding instructor. Of course, we take great care of your and your children's safety!

Payment: Payment for riding lessons etc. is made on site, in cash before the riding. Please bring the amount as appropriate.


Other: Please do not feed our horses, as we provide the animals with high quality food and everything they need. Treats, carrots, apples, etc. are unhealthy for them and tempt the horses to beg and bite. Please do not eat near the horses either. Smoking is prohibited throughout the whole site. Dogs are not allowed.

Would you like to take your own horse with you on holiday? At the Birkenhof we offer spacious boxes with daily exercise and of course fresh hay and straw. Use our large indoor riding hall, take riding lessons or explore the beautiful terrain around Winsen (Aller). Please ask for the availability of the boxes directly at or by phone: 0152-23856104

Ausritt für Kinder
Ponyreiten auf dem Birkenhof
Reitstunde für Kinder, Campingpark Südheide
Westernreiten Campingpark Südheide
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