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Badespaß, Natur-Schwimmteich, Campingpark Südheide, Badeurlaub, Baden, Schwimmen, Lüneburger Heide

Enjoyable swimming for the whole family in our refreshing natural swimming lake


As a special extra, guests at the Campingpark Südheide can enjoy a modern swimming pond. We do not offer public bathing activities, for this purpose a public swimming pool is offered by the municipality of Winsen.

The water treatment makes this pool special. We do not use any chemicals or chlorine. The water is treated naturally in line with the latest standards. A balanced system with special gravel substrates, special plant filters and modern pump technology guarantees a very good water quality with high standards of hygiene. Our swimming lake combines various characteristics, which offer clean and clear water without making your eyes burn, with all the convenience you know from ordinary swimming pools.

The water depth in the swimmer's area is 1.35 m, and the swimming area is 21.0 m long, which makes it suitable for sports swimmers, too. Along the bank there are several separately planted areas. Here with a bit of luck you might also spot some interesting plants and wildlife, with colourful dragonflies or wonderful flowers and seed heads, and occasionally an amphibian finds refuge and a habitat at the edge of the pond.

​This close to nature facility with its high recreation and experience value harmoniously integrates itself into the camping park and the charming scenery.

Bathing rules

Please take note that you bath at your own risk, there is no bathing supervision. In order to guarantee bathing quality, there are following rules:

Children only accompanied by their parents!

Please have a shower before bathing!

The consumption of food is not allowed!

Objects made of glass are forbidden!

Smoking is not permitted!

Bicycles are unwanted in the swimming area!

Dogs are not allowed!

Do not enter the regeneration area and bank zone!

Do not bath with infectious diseases, wounds or rashes!

Access to the swimming pool only by pool ladder!

Babies have to wear bathing trunks or swim nappies!

There is danger of slipping on wet boardwalks and stones!

Boardwalks may only be entered barefoot!

Please dispose of your waste in the waste containers!

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The reservation of the loungers is allowed for a maximum of 30 minutes!

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The water is not cleaned with disinfectants, but via natural regeneration areas and plant 
filters. Because of no disinfection of the bathing water, an increased risk for human health caused by pathogens can not be excluded. This risk increases with the increase of bathing activity.

Badespaß, Badeurlaub in der Natur
Naturschwimmteich Campingpark Südheide
Schwimmteich, Sonnenliegen
Badeteich, Pflanzenzonen
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