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WiFi connection on our campsite


We have invested a lot in the infrastructure of the Wifi network in recent years to provide you with the best possible internet connection. The expansion of the fibre optic network is in its final stages so that we will be able to provide our guests with enough bandwidth from the 2024 season. We currently use Starlink for our guests (up to 250 Mbps).

Please make sure that you are connected to our Wifi network "Campingpark Südheide". A Wifi symbol should appear at the top right of your display ᯤ. Check the bandwidth with the speed testIf your Internet connection does not work immediately, we have summarised the most important points for you. You can find out here what sources of interference there are and how you can solve Wifi connection problems:

What are the sources of interference on the campsite?

  • The network is weather-dependent – strong wind and rain have a negative effect on the connection.

  • Are there trees, walls or caravans in the way? You can find out exactly where the masts are located on the attached map.

  • Are you using an outdated terminal device that does not have a good antenna and therefore a weaker transmission power?

  • Other electronic devices such as microwaves can interfere with radio signals.

What do you have to do if you don't have WiFi?

  • Connection is best when a Wifi mast is visible in the direct vicinity.

  • Use a Wifi repeater or extender to pick up and amplify the Wifi signal.

  • Please do not park the caravan directly in front of a Wifi mast so as not to interfere with the Wifi.

The campsite is completely occupied and every guest uses WiFi. How much bandwidth is left per user?

  • We have not set a limit per user. So the guests get up to 50 Mbps download. However, if the entire campsite is occupied and all guests are streaming or using Wifi access at the same time, each user is automatically throttled down by our router. Therefore, we cannot say exactly how much bandwidth each user has.

Campingpark Südheide – Wifi System


If you still do not have Wifi connection, please contact our reception directly. Our team can then check this in the system and test it with you on site. And always remember:
You will get the best rest even without internet. We wish you a wonderful holiday!

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