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Futterluke: If you want something from our food truck!


For small or large appetites, our food truck Futterluke offers a delicious selection of dishes. From our classic curry sausage with crispy fries to vegan nuggets, there is something for every taste.


We source almost all of our ingredients from the region. For example, our delicious curry sausage comes from the butcher Zimmermann around the corner. Some spices don't grow on our doorstep, of course, but whenever possible we use regional and organic products. And you can taste that!


Our food truck is powered exclusively by electricity from renewable sources and is therefore also part of the sustainable concept of our camping park. We serve our food on eatable or sustainable tableware. If you want to support us in saving resources, you are of course welcome to bring your own recyclable containers for your order.


Our heartfelt recommendation: Try our homemade ketchup and the delicious curry sauce with tomatoes and herbs. Really delicious!


We wish you bon appétit!

Our food truck team is looking forward to seeing you!

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